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3 Press-on Nail Shops You Need to Try

Manicures have been my favorite form of self-care for years. A year before the pandemic I started getting my nails done every two weeks and loved it. There’s nothing like a fresh manicure to make me feel put together, refreshed, and extra feminine.

Those first few months of the pandemic I definitely missed the nail salon but wasn’t quite ready to jump back into the salon seat when they opened again. I’ve had a few experiences with press-on nails from the drug store but always wished they were longer and thicker to give an authentic acrylic nail look.

In May, I discovered small businesses that sell press on nails on Instagram. I ordered a few sets and was sold. My favorite thing about press-on nails from small businesses compared to drug store brands is that

  1. They offer the exact same look and feel as an acrylic set for a fraction of the price

  2. Offer more variations in length and shape than drug store sets

  3. With proper care can be worn multiple times

  4. Unlike regular acrylic sets, I can take them off when I need more veracity with my hands (washing my hair, at the gym, moving heavy objects, etc)

Here are my top 3 press on nail businesses on Etsy:

The Nail Mail UK

Back in December, I was on a search for abstract nail sets and came across The Nail Mail UK. My favorite thing about this shop is that they’re very affordable compared to other nail shops and the shipping is low and fast considering it’s coming from Europe. I would recommend this business to anyone looking for great designs at a fraction of the price.

Nails by Raven

Nails by Raven is another business I found in my search for abstract nails. I was completely in LOVE with how perfect her simple abstract nails looked on my hands. This look is easily over $60 at the salon and I paid only $27 for these. This shop also has a great turnaround shipping time from purchase. I would recommend this business to anyone looking for a great clear acrylic set.


I was in love with this set the second I saw them online. This nail set looks like a $100 acrylic set on my hands, extremely sturdy, and only cost me $20. I would recommend Nanis Nailz to anyone looking for the most authentic acrylic look with abstract detailing.

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