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3 Wellness podcast you should be listening to in 2022

2022 truly feels different to me. This is my year in every way possible. One change I really want to make this year is being mindful of not only how much content I consume but what kind of content im consuming. I love reality TV, fictional books, and my music. I took a huge break from self help content in 2021 because it would make me so anxious. Am I really living a fulfilling life? Is my circle small enough? Was this my rock bottom? Dramatic, I know. But after hyperconsumption of the news for the past 2 years, ya girl needed a break.

But now I’m ready to step back into the self help world. I still want to enjoy my fictional books so I want ready for a self help book and its pretty hard to find inspiration on TV. Before finding these podcast my podcast shelf was limited to mainly crime shows. Those stories would make even the longest commute fly by.

In my opinion, help doesn’t need to be a long winded rant. I dont need to listen to someone for 90 minutes tell me why getting out of bed is the most important step to a successful day. I wanted my podcast to be short, sweet, and to the point. Something I could listen to while I was getting ready in the morning to start my day or a mindful moment to have while I was cleaning. My favorite thing about the podcast I’m recommending is that most episodes are 25 minutes or under and they hosted by BIPOC women.

Manifest daily

This is my favorite podcast to listen to when I want to listen to someone who sounds like a friend. Manifest Daily holds an upbeat sister to sister vibe throughout the whole show. As a person who believes in the power of manifestation and intention setting, I love listening to this show on tips on how to reclaim my peace and power in my daily life. If you’re looking for a podcast on how to transform your life and mindset this is the podcast to listen to.

Listen to Manifest Daily on Spotify here

Therapy for black girls

Therapy for Black Girls is my go-to when I need a voice to make my mind still. This is the podcast that's going to help you set healthy habits and help you out with irrational thoughts. As a person who has the privilege to see a therapist on a frequent basis I’ve noticed that this podcast helps me on the days I feel like I need my therapist. It allows me to go through the same rationalizing thought process I would do in a regular therapy session. Although podcast are not a subsitutue for seeing a professional therapist, Therapy for Black Girls is a great place to start if your looking to explore mindfulness and healthy options.

Listen to Therapy for Black Girls on Spotify here

Brown girl self care

The first episode of this podcast I listed to was ”Where Your Are Rooted Changes EVERYTHING”. This talked about the things that root you are set the stage for how you grow and taking the initiative to root yourself in positive places. This is the podcast thats going to read you like a book. It’s going to tell you that you are the only person who can make it happen and you are more than qualified to get it done. I love listening to Brown Girl Self care when im looking for inspiration to get up and go. When I feel myself falling back into my self sabotaging habits I find an episode that’s going to remind me why I’m on a journey for better.

Listen to Brown Girl Self-Care Podcast on Spotify here

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