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Dating as an entrepreneur

Daniel and I are both entrepreneurs and entered the relationship knowing that. It was honestly something that attracted me to him because it showed he had qualities I want in a partner. He's discipline, career-driven, creative, and more. Before stepping into my relationship I used to hear a lot that a person can’t be in a committed relationship while establishing themselves and I disagree.

It can be hard to date as an entrepreneur for a number of reasons: fear of being taken advantage of, your partner not understanding the level of responsibility that comes with your business, jealousy from a partner, and so much more. They're legitimate fear that could deter anyone from incorporating a relationship into their lifestyle but finding someone with the same mindset can make your relationship an asset to you.

There’s a level of understanding and empathy that comes with dating an entrepreneur. We don’t take it personally when the other one is in a good grove with their work and can't speak because we’ve both been there before. We can offer better advice when we reach roadblocks or having bad days with our business. We're both are at different points and paths with our businesses which means that we can ask each other questions and advice for things the other one has more knowledge in.

One of the most important aspects of. a relationship is to pour into each other. Daniel is apart of my support system and I'm apart of his. We support each other's dreams and hold each other accountable for reaching our goals. Because we both love each other we know when to gently offer the other one a break. We don’t want to see each other burnt out and know when it's appropriate to offer the other a break.

Even if your partner doesn't own a business themselves, if they are career and future-driven they will be able to find that balance with you of giving space to thrive as an individual for your business and find time to thrive together to make the relationship work. You have to understand that a relationship is a commitment just as much as any business endeavor. You cannot constantly put your relationship on the backburner to grow your business and expect your relationship to thrive. Ask yourself if you truly do have the time and the interest in a person to make it work.

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