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Everything you need this semester

I can’t believe summer is almost over! With school being right around the corner I’ve started preparing for my remote semester and how I’m going to make the most of it. Whether your home or going to campus here are some of my must-haves this year.

Wireless portable router

If only I knew about this sooner! This is going to be the ultimate game-changer to remote learning for you and me. This small router can be taken anywhere (hello class outside!) and still give you, your own strong private wifi.

I highly recommend this to anyone who will be sharing their remote learning in a space with

  • A large family

  • apartment/dormitory building

  • Plans to go to public spaces with their devices (for extra protection)

  • Simply wants a backup in case their internet crashes

Get it here

Webcam over

I highly recommend this to anyone doing remote learning (especially with children!) Between zoom meetings and internet hackers my privacy behind the screen never truly feels secure. These webcam covers came in a pack of 5 that I stuck to my family’s laptops and iPads to give us extra privacy while working from home.

Get it here

Rocket notebook

I am beyond excited to add this new edition to my school and work life. This notebook allows you to write your notes by hand then upload the page you’ve written to your phone with a QR code in the corner. I highly recommend this to students who want to be tree-friendly while keeping their bag light. This is also a great solution for classes where laptops aren't allowed but you prefer using technology.

Get it here

Blue light glasses

Whether you’re going to school in person or online, chances are you’ll be staring at a screen often. These blue light glasses came in a pack of 4 and protect your eyes from the blue light from the computer and phone screens. As a migraine sufferer, I’ve definitely noticed less strain in my eyes during the day and saved me a trip to the eye doctor!

Get it here


Physical planners have been a major key to my success in college. Having everything written down in front of me really helps to keep me organized and prevent me from getting overwhelmed.

Clear laptop case

One of my favorite laptop accessories is my clear laptop case. It provides my laptop with the protection it needs and also allows me to create my own background. My personal favorite is adding polaroids to the back of my case and occasionally switching out stickers.

acrylic laptop stand+back pillow

I try to avoid doing work in my bed but when I do I prefer using a laptop stand. It helps me keep my laptop from overheating on my body and also forces me to keep good posture while working from my bed. My back pillow allows me to sit up comfortably in bed while doing my assignments.

Other items to consider

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mahrukh abbas
mahrukh abbas

Hi Taylor! Can you let me know which laptop stand you use? Thank you :)

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