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gift's he would never expect

The biggest flaw in Men’s gift guides is that they don’t expand on the evolving modern man. Even the most creative people struggle to find thoughtful and original gifts for the men in their lives. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration as to what to put under the tree this holiday or tired of saying “surprise I got you a hoodie!” this gift guide will definitely help.


Men love taking care of themselves just as much as women. Men’s self-care doesn’t end at shaving. Great self-care items for men are

  • Beard oils/serums

  • Exfoliators *personal recommendation- hand exfoliators*

  • Luxury lotions and body butter

  • Massage machine

  • A gift card to a massage place

Gifts he may need

  • Tile Bluetooth tracker for wallet, keys, and more

  • Back up charger/headphones

  • Robe

  • Blue light glasses

Based on photography

  • If your partner has a photography hobby print and frames some of their favorite photos they’ve taken

  • Buy a travel bag/ backpack for their camera and accessories

  • Print out photos of them and make a photo album *if you can get childhood photos of them as well include them in the album*

Gifts based on personalities

  • Men's toiletry travel bag

  • Pay off two months of membership (gym, Spotify, etc.)

  • Gaming chair/ microphone/ headset

  • Vinyl of their favorite album


There are many staple gifts for men that are still really great and can be even better with a personal touch.

One gift that is always seen as basic but has room for creativity is a wallet. If you want to add your personal touch to this you include items in the wallet like

  • Emergency money

  • Gift cards

  • A wallet-sized photo

Another staple gift that can be leveled up is clothing accessories. Consider getting him accessories that will enhance his dress clothes (and match your fly on date nights!). Good items to consider are

  • A dress coat

  • Chelsa Boots

  • Cufflinks

*All of these items paired together make a great gift set!*

For some creative sentimental gifts check out my favorites on Etsy!

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