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how everything changes in 6 months

Hey loves, today’s post I am extremely excited about because the general theme of today is hope.

When we are stuck in tough places in our lives, whether it be a job we don’t like, trouble in our relationships, family drama, or just stuck in a rut, it can be very easy to lose hope and wonder when will things get better. Today I am here to remind you that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and sun after every storm.

6 months ago I went on a little adventure around downtown Manhattan and happened to come across upon a pop-up shop. The pop up was based on changes. Every 6 months we as humans go through big life changes that alter everything from our perspective to our everyday interactions. The beginning of this experience was to pick a card based on a big change you recently made. Then you continued the experience with the card in hand and watched personal videos of people talking about their dramatic changes and how 6 months later their lives changed. These changes ranged from Menopause, breakups, pregnancy, graduating, new jobs, and many more.

These changes started to like how many changes happen in people’s life, abrupt and unexpected. People struggled with these changes in the beginning and adjusting to their new normal. But in the end, these people accepted and embraced the changes that happened in their lives and came out 6 months later a different person for the better.

The experience ended with me standing at a table with my card and reflecting on the change. How it made me feel currently, what led to this change, and the unknown question, whats next? You’re then asked to write on the back of the card a letter to future you 6 months from then and give it to them for it to be sent back to you in 6 months.

The card I picked was leaving a relationship. It being the end of my first year in college I went through several dramatic changes within 10 months. A new school, new friends, new responsibilities and on top of all of that, a toxic relationship that was not helping my growth. Being in the early stages of cutting ties I knew that this change would be emotionally challenging for the next few months but having 6 months into the future to think about, it made me hopeful that things would get better. That in 6 months I would feel not only like myself again but a new version of myself who has overcome a challenge and hopefully grown as a person from it.

Today made 6 months later. The new me, single, independent, and overall happier was proud of past me. I was proud that past me was able to embrace the changes I knew were coming and turn those challenges into learning opportunities and learn to not go back to toxic situations out of fear of change.

For those of you who know change is coming, in the process of change or ready to make changes on your own. I know its scary. Fear of the unknown, especially when that unknown is how your life maybe 6 months from how it can make you hesitant to embrace change. But change starts and ends with you. You are in control of how your changes play out and not reverting back to old ways because they feel normal, constant, or comfortable. Future you will be so proud of the person you have grown into because you allowed yourself to embrace change and make the most of it.

I challenge you to identify a change you’ve encountered in your life recently and allow yourself to not only think about how that change made you feel and also think about how you want those changes to shape your future 6 months out.

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