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I got my Aura photographed and read

Once again I was influenced by TikTok to discover cool things in my city I never knew existed. Over the summer I saw a few TikToks of people getting thier aura read. The process seemed simple: you get your picture taken, the photo develops and then you’re able to see the color and radiation of your personal aura. I was sold. I absolutely love learning the unknown about myself. Human beings are such dynamic creatures that encounter dynamic things every single day adding to their stories and identities.

It had been a long time since I had any form of a reading done on myself so this experience felt long overdue. I was also very interested to see how well do I really know myself. Everyone (including myself) loves to think the best of themselves inside and out. “I have a horrible vibe and radiate negativity” said no one ever. It’s been a rough year that has really harped on my spirt and overall energy so I was curious to physically see how this year has effected me on levels I don’t get to see.

This intriguing place is called Magic Jewlery. They have two locations on Canal Street (walk-ins welcome) and one in Flushing Queens (available by appointment only). I decided to visit one of the Canal Street locations directly across the street from the N & Q line train stations. 238 Canal Street, Suite 108 New York, NY 10013

The space is small but the energy is calming. You are immediately greeted with large crystals and signs explains everything spiritual from the chakras to zodiac signs. I informed the lady I was interested in getting my aura read and was promoted to sanatize my hands before proceeding to the photos section.

The process takes less than 5 minutes. You sit in front of the photo booth and place your hands on metal plates (this is what reads your aura). Taking your mask off isn’t required since the aura colors will cover you in the photo. Once the photo is taken you are taken back to the front table and wait for your photo to develop.

From here you can pay $30 for your photo and end the experience here. If you’re looking for the full experience than you can pay an extra $10 to have your photo explained. Not paying for an explanation doesn’t leave you fully in the dark. They have signs inside the store to explain what each color means as well as on their website. Since this experience was a birthday present to myself I decided to pay for the explanation.

The woman explained to me that the photo is broken into three sections. My past from 2 weeks ago on the left side, my future for the next two week on the right side, and my overall being in the middle. While explaining my past she said she noticed inconsistent sleep, anxiety; and what shocked me the most, pain in my neck and back. This shocked me because I was in a car accident two weeks prior to getting my aura read which trigged all of the effects she could see in my picture, including the pain.

For my future she claimed to see more ease coming into my life and more consistency around me. For my overall being she claimed to see that I am a giving person by nature but could see how the physical pain I was experiencing affects me from being able to be as outgoing and generous as I like to be. At the end of the explaination she advised me to be more strict with a sleeping schedule, practice more journaling, and to be prepared to see the work I’ve put in to projects fullfil itself soon.

Overall I found this this to be a beautiful and refreshing experience. I would recommend this experience to anyone who loves readings, horoscopes, and learning more about their spiritual self. An aura reading isn’t going to give you an in-depth explanation of who you are and what your future has in store for you, but its a beautiful was to see what’s on the inside and how much of that do you see on the outside. As fun as this experience would be to share with a friend, I was glad I went by myself. Experiences like this deserve time afterward to reflect and look inward. Moving forward I think i will go back to get my aura read by Magic Jewerly yearly as a birthday gift to myself.

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