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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Today’s post is all about self-care. Hair removal has been the most important and frustrating part of my skincare routine for years. I’ve tried every method possible from razors, Nair, and multiple forms of waxing. None of them was the solution for me. Shaving caused numerous problems from razor burns, ingrown hairs, and damaging my skin. Nair smells horrible and overtime I got very uncomfortable with the concept of a burning chemical on my skin. Waxing was okay for a while until I realized most of the promises that come with waxing are a myth. It doesn’t lighten the hair over time nor does it help with ingrown hairs compared to shaving (and most importantly, it hurts!)

Laser hair removal has been something I’ve been interested in for years but strayed away for reasons most people do, the price tag, and the pain. What made me finally cave in? My skin.

Before laser, I was waxing consistently for over a year and saw no difference in my skin from when I shaved. The only time I would see any form of improvement to my skin was due to exfoliant, oils, and other various skincare treatments I use for ~those parts~ I then came to the realization that the amount of money I’d spend every 6 weeks forever to get waxed, I could invest into laser removal and never have to worry about hair again. After watching multiple women of color share their experiences with laser removal and how much it helped their skin in the long run, I decided I had nothing to lose giving it a chance.

Here are the categories a laser place had to meet for me to use their service

1. Price

It’s no secrete to anyone that laser hair removal is expensive at face value. $1,000+ service or $3 razor? But it is an investment that you truly need to think about the long term value for. The money you spend for one year of laser treatment is equal to about 2 years of waxing and 27 years of shaving (that you’ll still have hair after!)

2. Convenience

Pre Covid a convenient laser place would’ve been within my travel routes I took on a regular basis leaving my options open to most of Brooklyn and Queens. Post-Covid, I want any in-person services I’m doing to be as local as possible to limit my traveling.

3. Packages

Most laser places will give you a package deal when you buy multiple sessions at once. Make sure to look around for the best packages before committing to a laser place. My laser place, Lase New York, offered me 6 sessions for $800 which will cover me for over an eight-month period and is more than half of the sessions needed to treat the Brazillian area permanently.

So how did it go for me? Great actually!

Upon arrival, I was given a clean pen to use (and put into a ziplock bag of used ones after) and was pleased to be the only person in the waiting areas since they are spacing out appointments. I received a free consultation and test patch on my Brazillian area and was scheduled for an appointment the following week.

My full session was almost completely painless and way less painful than waxing has ever been. The following 4 weeks until my next appointment I was encouraged not to shave and didn’t need so since most of the hair that did grow would fall out on its own!

*when you get lasered it zaps the follicle, leaving the hair that’s under the skin the grow without the root and falling out once it reaches the surface. You can expect to lose 15-30 follicles of hair per day the following week after your appointment.*

My second full session was just as painless as the first and followed the same aftercare instructions until the following appointment 4 weeks later. This time around, less than 50% of the hair grew back and my skin looks lighter with no ingrown hairs or bumps.

My third session (the halfway mark!) took less than 5 minutes and I continued to follow aftercare instructions as usual and was instructed to come back in 6 weeks instead of 4 since my skin and hair follicles are showing the intended results. Two weeks later about 30% of the hair has grown back but falls out.

So for anyone considering taking the dive and try laser, do it! Your skin (and hairless future you) will thank you for it! Here are some tips to keep in mind before you start your own research

  • Ask them if they have experience and adequate machines for darker pigmented skin

  • Don’t be bullied into a service. After a consultation in February during my laser removal research, I was pressured to see if I would be approved for their third party credit loaner. This is not okay for a business to do and you should never be afraid to stop a business from pushing your boundaries

  • If a place you’re looking into doesn’t offer test patches don’t be afraid to ask for one.

  • Invest in aloe, exfoliating gloves, and a sensitive cleanser for aftercare

For all of my laser removal needs, I go to Lase New York. Their prices are unbeatable and work is stellar. Find out more about Lase New York Here.

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