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My favorite black owned businesses

Hi everyone! In honor of my first post being in Black History Month. I’ve decided to share some of my favorite Black-Owned Businesses. These businesses are paving their way into the history books with their innovative products that are not only great quality but also great for you.

J-Sculpt Fitness Belt

This belt has been the ultimate game-changer to me in my health and fitness journey. Unlike most fitness belts this one covers your entire torso and locks you in with its zipper and wrap. It also is easy and comfortable to work out in because it doesn’t have wires inside like a waist trainer. If you’re looking for a strong durable and effective belt to introduce to your workouts, this is the one.

April 2019
june 2019

Organic Grow Hair Co.

3 years into my natural hair journey my mother introduced me to organic hair co. for those three years, I struggled to find products that worked with my 4B hair texture and didn’t leave white residue in my hair. Organic hair co changed everything. This hair company uses all-natural and organic ingredients for its products that leaves your hair smelling and feeling great. They start by having you pick products based on the porosity of your hair. My go-to products since the beginning are their low porosity clarifying shampoo and conditioner, their scalp beverage oil and their moisture milk. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling Completely clean and free of build-up and the conditioner leaves my hair feeling silky and makes detangling in the shower way easier. After 6 months of using their products, I noticed a huge difference in the rate my hair grew thanks to their scalp beverage and my hair became thicker and stronger.

In addition to their hair products, they also carry skincare products. My personal favorite is their exfoliator. This completely natural exfoliator not only smells great but leaves your skin feeling super soft and helps with impurities like acne and dark spots.

Perfect for a person with:

Sensitive skin

Natural hair

Transitioning to natural hair

All curl types

March 2019

May 2020

The Honey Pot Company

The honey pot is the newest edition of my skincare routine. This all-natural and plant-based brand has created the perfect products for vaginal health. They have you covered from 100% cotton pad, sprays and wipes, and my personal favorite cleansers. These products help fight odors while encouraging your PH balance, unlike other brands that will throw it off. As a woman who works out a lot their products have become essential to my post-workout skincare routine to help fight bacteria and odors.


Once you go body butter you never go back! One of the greatest changes I made in 2019 was switching to body butter for moisturization instead of lotion. Within my search for the perfect body butter, I came across Didara. This handmade body butter has mastered the perfect formula for the perfect body butter. Its thick texture is easy to apply and leaves you feeling moisturized all day. My favorite thing about their body butter is that it doesn’t leave a shiny residue and comes in various original scents that last all day. I’ve never gotten so many compliments about how I smell until I started using their butter. They also carry hand made body oils, and room sprays.

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