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My Favorite Productivity and Organization Apps

When I think of words to describe how I want my 2022 to go, I instantly think of being productive and organized. I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish this year and it can be very overwhelming thinking about the steps required to accomplish them. Jotting down notes and making a small to-do list has been my go-to for staying on task for years but this year I decided it was time to get serious about my organization to be as productive as possible. Here are some apps that I've been using since the beginning of the year and have been loving!


As a multidimensional person, I have a lot of tasks that are required of me. It’s very easy for me to get overwhelmed thinking of everything I need to complete in my personal life, my business, and other things that may require my attention. Trello has finally allowed me to put all of my to-dos in one place. With Trello, you are able to create multiple workspaces and customize the task space. I have three workspaces (personal, school, and work) and each one is set with everything I have to do. Aside from being able to separate each section of my life into its own space, I'm also able to get super detailed in each works space. For my business section, I start with a list of everything I want to accomplish in the month, a task for my blog and Facebook group, my weekly task, my daily to-do list, and a list of everything that is completed. This system has allowed me to be less overwhelmed by my to-do list and to physically see how much progress I'm making in each section of my life.

Done app

To get to my big goals for 2022, I knew I had to work on setting those small daily habits I lost in 2021. I downloaded the done app as a way to hold myself accountable for the little task I wanted to accomplish every day. What I love about the done app is that you can set goals for the day or week and how many times you want to accomplish this goal (ie: brushing your teeth twice a day or working out 3 times a week). I started using this app to accomplish 5 goals I wanted to make a habit. Once I’ve accomplished making these goals habits in my routine. I switch them out for new goals.

Time tree

Time tree is by far the most efficient and organized calendar I’ve ever used. My biggest challenge with calendars is sharing them with others. With Time Tree you can create multiple calendars that you can share with multiple people. On this app I have a family, relationship, and personal calendar. I’m able to add important things to my schedule without having to remind my family or boyfriend what my schedule looks like. My favorite thing about this app is that you can also make a checklist for tasks that everyone in the calendar has access to (ie: a grocery list or packing list).


Y’all know I love using planners. Ever since I started college, I’ve seen the value and importance of using a daily planner to keep myself on track and organized. Before the pandemic, I loved using physical planners and carrying them everywhere with me. Since shifting to working from home and having classes at home for a period of time, I’ve grown to enjoy having my planner digitally since my iPad is always with me. For 2022 I purchased a planner template on Etsy. This planner not only works as a traditional planner showing the month, week, and days. But also allows me to track personal projects, finances, health goals, and more. I keep this calendar on good notes. This allows me to write on it as well as keep track of where it’s at. The app is also great for creating different notes for projects!

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