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Small Business Spotlight: Poche

Happy international women’s day! Today I am celebrating by introducing you to a phenomenal women-owned brand that inspires other women every day.

My favorite thing about small businesses is how easy it is for me to relate to them compared to larger businesses. Every now and then, a business comes along that I not only relate to but aligns with my higher self. I first heard of Poche through Instagram and was amazed by how much of myself I saw in their products. Poche puts inspiration and growth at the center of all their products from their master plans to their relatable prints.

I had the opportunity to work with Poche earlier this year for my one-year anniversary event and couldn’t have picked a better company to work with. The alignment of their amazing master plan along with the overall theme of intention setting and showing up for growth mixed beautifully.

Poche decided to expand on this intention theme and create a line for everyone to be inspired by. Their “Do it with Intention” line includes the same mini-master plan and a full sheet of stickers from the event; along with a calendar, print card, and “do it with an intention” button. They also have two different notebooks to choose from.

True growth comes when you fully accept and immerse yourself in it. My first step to growth is finding tools that help me and inspire me to stay on track. Including some of Poches do it with intention items has helped remind me of my why: why I start my journey, why I work so hard, and why I can and will achieve my goals.

When I first saw “The Master Plan” for Poche I knew it would be a key tool in my growth of 2021. I’m a great visualizer when it comes to my goals, but like any other person, I have days where the goals and path towards them don’t feel that clear. I thrive off tangibility. Being able to see and touch my goals makes them feel more real to me. I keep my master plan next to my desk on the days my goals feel far and impossible, I have a visual reminder that they’re closer than I think.

Today I challenge you to think about your goals for 2021. What is your goal? Why are you determined to reach it? Look at your goal from Poche's master plan and see how it can not help keep motivated but also show you that you are you’re biggest inspiration.

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