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stepping up your picnic game

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Hey boo! This past weekend was my mother’s birthday! As you guys know I will look for any excuse to do something extra and special for someone, so birthdays never go uncelebrated when I’m around. With NYC still far behind in our reopening phases, there wasn’t much to do with her. I decided to surprise her with a breakfast picnic in Long Island City. I knew I wanted to go all out with the picnic; I've always been obsessed with the cute picnic pictures I see on Pinterest and Instagram and decided I wanted this picnic to hold the same aesthetic. Picnics aren't new to anyone but with most restaurants being closed; a picnic is a great activity to make as fancy or casual as you want. Here are some of the things I brought to make the most out of my picnics this summer.


Picnic baskets are insanely cute to me! I love the comeback picnic baskets are making with my generation. I got my basket at bed bath and beyond. At $40 it’s well under the price for picnic baskets on the market while being spacious and insulated.


I definitely recommend bringing a cheeseboard to your picnic if you’re looking to make it fancier. I brought mine mainly for aesthetic purposes but loved the functionality of it to keep food off the ground. If you don’t have matching Tupperware, a cheese board is a clean way to display your food and the presentation it gives is Instagram worthy!


One thing love about tapestry's over picnic blankets is that they're bigger and have more pattern options that'll fit your style. If you already have one, great! If not, I recommend getting one like mine from amazon that is big enough for a large group (or large spread of food) and easily machine washable.

Things to remember

  • napkins

  • reusable straws and silverware

  • garbage bag (if your picnic location doesn't have a garbage can around)

  • wet ones/ hand sanitizer

  • music

  • portable charger

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