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This past year I decided to finally redo my room after making little to no changes to it since I was ten. I personally love for a space to be a representation of me and aesthetically pleasing to give me more incentive to be in the space. Here are some of the changes I made that drastically changed my bedroom.


Decluttering a space is a complete redo within itself. The walls of my small NYC bedroom felt like they were caving in on me with how much stuff I had. The biggest and best change I did was throw out pieces of furniture that made the room feel smaller. Like large floating shelves and unused appliances. This also included throwing out and donating over 8 bags of stuff.


The quickest way to change a room is to recolor it. By covering the deep sea blue of my room with a more soft and sophisticated grey my room got the change of the decade


As I’ve gotten older I started to appreciate more having all my furniture tie in together. Two swift changes I made were replacing my makeshift nightstand with a real one and swapping my bulky dark desk chair with a small white one that complements the space better.


Adding new forms of storage to my room helped get rid of my stacks of shoeboxes while finding new ways to store accessories. These two pieces helped me tie in the rest of my wooden furniture together.

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