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The Best Staycation Spots in NYC This Winter

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Vacations are a part of my self-care. I need time away from my regular routine to stop, relax, and check-in with myself uninterrupted from the noise of my daily life. I need my adventure side stimulated exploring places in a new setting.

Before the pandemic, I was never really fond of the idea of staycations. Why would I pay money to stay in a hotel in my local area and do tourist things as if I don't live here? Time off when I'm home never truly feels like a vacation but a time to catch up on chores and errands. The pandemic definitely made me look at staycations from a different lens. I had to get creative this summer and explore my city to keep myself entertained. With no tourist in the city, it made discovering NYC way more easier and enjoyable than it would've been any other time.

The same goes for hotels in the city. Rates for hotels are at an all-time low making now the best time to take a getaway in your own backyard. I did a staycation in Brooklyn for my birthday weekend and it truly felt like I was in another city. Staycations are what you make of them and can be as carefree or busy as you want them to be. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and hotels will be raising their prices soon in anticipation of the upcoming travel season.

Whether you're looking for a weekend to yourself, plans for Valentine's day, or ready to claim a week of much-needed PTO, here's a list of 15 hotels in the city that would make for a great staycation.


Nu Hotel starting at $105 per night

Arlo Nomad starting at $77 per night

Arlo Soho starting at $79 per night

Made hotel starting at $99 per night

Citizen M Bowery starting at $88 per night

Collective paper factory starting at $99 per night

Millennium Hilton New York starting at $76 per night

Moxy Chelsea starting at $109


Williamsburg hotel starting at $183 per night

TWA Hotel starting at $149 per night

Nomo Soho starting at $127 per night

The standards Highline starting at $179 per night

The James Hotel starting at $129 per night

Soho Grand Hotel starting at $129 per night

HOTELS $200+

The Hoxton, Williamsburg starting at $209 per night

Nu Hotel King bed suite with a Hammock starting at $243 per night

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