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The Ultimate Summer Picnic Setup

Never in a million years did I think picnics would be my favorite summer activity. I didn't grow up having picnics and never tried them out until summer 2020 in an attempt to have fun and safe outings with close friends. I purchased a few items last summer to make them functional with a cute setup but was blown away by all of the extravagant picnic setups I would see online. Picnics are defiantly here to stay and are the new form of luxury gatherings outdoors.

I took notes and did my research on how to step up my picnic game this summer. Here is your guide to functional and Pinterest worthy picnics this summer

The Foundation

The most important part of a picnic is where your sitting and how. Different textured blankets work in different settings. I love using my Mexican blanket for beach picnics to handle the sand better and a white sheet for my park picnics. Regardless of where I'm holding my picnic, I've learned to incorporate a tarp under my blanket. This helps to keep any dampness like grass stains off my blankets and clothes.

Seating accessories

My favorite thing about luxury picnics is the effort put into the seating. Adding a table will not only make your setup look more sophisticated but is also a more functional way to eat. My recommendation for picking your table is to consider how many people will typically be at your picnics. Will it just be you and your Boo? Consider doing something small like a folding table from amazon or a small crate. Will it be you and your squad? Plywood is a perfect size to accommodate a large group and if you want a more aesthetic table consider thrifting one!

Other accessories that look great with a table are adding some large pillows from HomeGoods and dressing up the table. This can be done by adding a table runner, floral pieces, and a set of plates.

The basket

The basket can really be the make or break for the functionality of your picnic. Last year I purchased my picnic basket from bed bath and beyond and loved it for the most part. The inside is insulated, has a sturdy handle, and the overall basket is a cute shape and durable. However, it's defiantly on the smaller side. It can't hold everything I need for a picnic meaning I usually will only pack items I need to keep cold in the basket and pack everything else in a grocery bag.

This year I purchased a new picnic basket from Amazon. This one is insulated like the last one by is also bigger and came with silverware inside (that doesn't take up space either!).

The spread

Laying out the food is my favorite part of a picnic! Seeing everything neatly placed on charcuterie boards is what makes picnics so aesthetically pleasing and Pinterest-worthy. Here's what works for me when laying out my food

Make categories- I start by categorizing everything I want (fruits, meats, cheese, crackers, sweets, etc). Make sure to consider if you're doing a main dish as well.

Separate by size and amount- I like to put all my sweet foods on a board together for aesthetic and to keep certain foods from mixing. Any fruits that have juice (watermelon and raspberries) will also get their own board as well.

This year I have 4 charcuterie boards. My large is from Amazon one comes with knives to cut cheese, small dishes for spreads and is large enough to keep multiple food items separate. When I use this board I like to put crackers on the side and visualize the board in 4s to place everything else. It also came with a small circle board that I like to keep my fruits in. In addition to this, I also have a lazy Susan board from Target and 4 sets of boards from Party City to incorporate on my larger picnics.

Now your officially ready to hold your own luxury picnic this summer!

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1 Comment

Elizabeth Jacas
Elizabeth Jacas
May 19, 2021

This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

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