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Tips for Booking the Best Airbnb's

Travel season is around the corner and I couldn't be any more ready! My staycations I've taken over the past year have been fun but like the rest of us, I've been eagerly anticipating my next adventure. As I start venturing out again, I've become more open to staying at

Airbnb's. They give me everything I need: more privacy, extra space, a homely feeling, and when I find the right ones, a luxurious local vibe.

Planning a trip is never easy, especially planning one without the courteous concierge service of a hotel. But that shouldn't stop you from having a dream vacation in a dream home away from home. If you're thinking about staying in a vacation home rather than a hotel or resort, these 4 tips will help you find the best home your dream vacation spot has to offer with the headaches of independent travel nonexistent.

super host are your best friends

It’s always the best and safest bet to book with someone who is a super host through Airbnb. These people have had their identities verified by Airbnb so you can confidently book with this person and actually know they exist. They also usually have lots of reviews from former guests who stayed with them. This will help give you a general idea of what to expect when you go and see how the owners treat and interact with guests.

Look before you book

Booking with a super host usually ensures that you’ll be in a safe neighborhood but always do research on the town/neighborhood you’re intending to book prior to payment. Booking a home close to resorts, malls, shopping strips, and other popular tourist attractions in the area will give you the reassurance that there are people close by and access to help if needed.

When packing, think beyond your bedroom

When packing for a vacation. I usually only need to grab items from my bedroom and bathroom and I’m good to go! The biggest mistake I made the first time staying at an Airbnb was not putting enough thought into other items around my house that may not be at a vacation home.

Things like Tupperware, specialty seasoning, tin foil, ziplock bags, and more were things I automatically expected to be at my Airbnb that wasn't. Asking your host beforehand if specific items like these will be provided is always a great idea and packing some to bring will save you an unexpected trip to the grocery store.

The earlier you can book, the better.

Great Airbnb with unbeatable prices go FAST, especially in the summer. Start looking at houses in ideal locations 4-6 months in advance and try to book your stay at least 4 months prior to ensure you get everything you want on your dream vacation home checklist.

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