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whats in my at home gym

Anyone who knows me knows that working out is a huge part of my life and has been for years! Gyms in New York City have been closed for almost two months now but that hasn’t stopped me from keeping up with my workouts. Being that I live in an NYC apartment I don’t have the space to invest in big workout equipment like a treadmill or bench press, BUT, I have invested in enough workout equipment to fit in a small container and still allow me to have great workouts.

Yoga mat

I do home workouts without shoes so yoga mats help me not slip and prevent my feet from sliding while working out. It also adds cushion for floor workouts and cushion for my downstairs neighbors so they don’t hear loud workouts on their floor (jump rope, weights dropping, etc)

Jump rope

Jump rope is an easy form of cardio and a quick way to burn 200 calories in 15 minutes. It's also great for building muscle in your calves.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are great for building glute muscles. They can substitute weights from the intensity of resistance and can be used for back and arm workouts as well.

Ab roller

I highly recommend an ab roller to anyone looking to tone their abs. It's very intense when starting but easy to build up with consistency. It's great for arms as well

Medicine ball

Medicine balls are a great stepping stone for those looking for a way to increase the intensity of their cardio. I Mainly used jumping jacks or during ab workouts.


Dumbbell, Ankle Weight, Weighted Plate, Kettlebell

My weight types vary from availability when I purchased mine and my own limitations when lifting.

Tip: when buying your heaviest weight go up 5-10 pounds what you think you can lift. Mind over matter.

I defiantly would recommend anyone looking to up their workout lifestyle to invest in some of this equipment. It may not be cheap or convenient to store (if you live in an apartment) but they’re pieces you’ll have for years if not a lifetime to incorporate in your workout lifestyle.

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