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Why The Honeypot Company is the best thing to happen for your V.

Being a woman is far from easy. For the past 10 years, my body has endured multiple changes from puberty, periods, birth control, and more. I’ve been very fortunate to live in a body that adjusts fairly easily to these changes without extra products besides good hygiene.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that even the most minimalist bodies do benefit from extra help. Last year I started to think about simple adjustments I can make to help my body, especially with feminine care.

It’s no secret to anyone that traditional pads and tampons contain chemicals that can be harmful to women’s vaginas. Diva cups never held my interest and period underwear are not the most functional when it comes to everyday life. I started my research into natural pads when I discovered The Honeypot Company. What first grabbed my interest was that their line of feminine products are plant-based and pads are infused with essential oils that help with period discomfort. After reading a few reviews and finding out they’re black-owned (especially black WOMAN-owned!) I was ready to give them a try.

The first products I tried from them were their regular-sized pads as well as their sensitive cleanser. I only had one thought when I tried their pads, WOW! Do not underestimate the herbal infusion in these pads! These pads instantly meet you with a cooling sensation that instantly brings soothing to your skin. The essential oils also help mask menstrual orders. I wish I was as consistent with their cleanser as I am with their other products. I usually remember to use it before and after my laser appointments, during my time of the month, and in the summertime. My favorite things about the plant-based cleanser are that it’s unscented and not harsh on my skin the way soaps and shower gels and can be.

Since then I’ve also integrated their overnight pads, panty liners, wipes, and panty spray. The length of their overnight pads are unmatched to any pad I’ve ever used and the double wings are the smartest and functional solution that could’ve saved me dozes of underwear. Their liners, wipes, and spray have become a great addition to my everyday routine to help me stay fresh throughout the day.

So why Honeypot? I chose Honeypot over other feminine care companies because of the transparency in their products. Vaginias are very strong, but also very sensitive and can be thrown off by the wrong products. I felt comfortable and confident trying a company that started authentic from the beginning rather than an older company that’s now selling natural products to be trendy.

If you’re looking to step up your feminine care this year. I highly recommend starting with The Honeypot Company.

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