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working with a content curator saved my blog

Over the summer I had the amazing opportunity to work with Dr. Rubina Tahir. She is the living embodiment of women supporting women. Co-founder of the positivity charge creating spaces for women to take charge of their lives and becoming the best versions of themselves, and now helping people build the best version of themselves through their businesses as a content curator. Wait, what's a content curator? A content curator is someone who will assess, assemble, and categorize your content to the highest quality based on your audience.

You could always tell that my blog was something I wanted to do but you could also tell that I didn't know what I was doing.

The biggest problem with my blog was that the general vibe came off as if I assumed you already knew me. For example, my original bio was like “Hey my name is Taylor I'm from NYC and I want you guys to come on this journey with me!”, which was cute but you don't really know who I am from that. Working with Rubina I learned that was a big problem because it's not enough to build a connection between me and my readers to my blog. She made me look at my blog as if I didn't know who I was and learning about Taylor Co. which really helped because it wasn't a perspective I would've put myself in correctly without the assistance of a content curator. I know how to make myself look good but I realized I wasn't the best at making myself understandable from a stranger standpoint where you can read it and then feel like you know me and know my the best version of me.

The second issue was just my overall website looked really poor because web designing is definitely not my forte and it showed. My website design was always something I Intended to fix in the future but Rubina advised me to do it sooner than later because that's what will help attract people to my blog. Because the older template I was using wasn't functional with the vision I had for Taylor Co., she recommended a new template. With the way Wix works, I couldn't just fix the template and had to make an entirely new website. So Taylor Co. right now is a completely different website with the same domain. Creating a new website was definitely offputting since I was trying to push it back anyway but she was right, it was better to do it less than 5 months in rather than have 5 years of content to switch over.

When I first met with Rubina, we had a meeting where she asked me to give an in-depth explanation of my blog:

Why did I start my blog?

What words do I think of when I think of my blog?

Who is my target audience, what age and race are they?

Who are they in their regular life?

What is it that I want them to take away from my blog?

These were not hard questions for me to answer. If you know me, you know my blog is something I've dreamed of doing since I was in high school. I used to talk to myself day and night about the kind of content I would write. It came so naturally for me to tell her what Taylor Co. is, what I want people to gain from my blog, the kind of people that would read my it, and the kind of content I write; but it wasn't clear on my website and she helped me realize that. I want people to know my personal journey of where I am, how I got there, and where I’m going next.

At the end of the meeting, she told me that she’s going to write my business profile and update my bio for me.

With her help, my bio went from three vague sentences to a whole paragraph about me. A whole paragraph that really helps you understand how I got from a 15-year-old with a dream to a 20-year-old with a Blog. The way she wrote my bio was almost verbatim what I told her on the phone but better. She was really able to embed herself into my perspective and write everything that I couldn't explain on my own.

When you look on a website of a well-known blogger, YouTuber, or any kind of entrepreneur and can read their bio and be like “yes I understand that person”, that's what she was able to do for me and I bet those people have worked with content curators as well. It's very hard to write about yourself and explain who you are and your mission from a stranger's perspective cohesively. If I would have written it myself I would have been way too long and wordy.

The one thing she did that I appreciated the most was write the market analysis of Taylor Co. She created a document for me to refer to as a synopsis of Taylor Co. answering the who, what, what, and wheres of the business. I didn't have any of that written down before her. Did I know it in my head? Yes of course but did I have it written down so if I was in the position to apply for a PR package or wanted to collab with a brand I would be ready with a clear and convincing synopsis of Taylor Co as a brand? No. And the problem with that is that every time I would apply for these things I would be writing down something different because it's in my head it is not on paper.

Truthfully I missed many small steps when creating my blog and she filled in the gaps. She also helped with:

  • Establishing a color theme

  • Create a logo

  • Teaching me what SEO is and how to utilize that for my blog

  • Categorizing my content into 5 general themes

Working with a Content curator can be as long or short of a process as you want. It all depends on you, your business, and what you want from a curator. For me, it took a little over two weeks with an additional week of me taking new pictures for my website and relaunching.

My takeaway from working with Rubina is that my blog would not be where it is today and I definitely would've slowed down my blog's potential growth from not working with her. I would recommend anyone to work with a Content curator for their first time ever getting into this business. it will help save you so much time, stress, and pain by them catching the simple mistakes that you will make and save you so much money in the long run. The best investment you can put into your business is working with somebody who will help make your business look beautiful from the inside and out. It helped a ton having somebody basically understand my business enough to literally be like “here you go this is what you meant to do”.

To get in contact with Rubina and find out what life-changing things she can do for your brand you can find her here:

Instagram - @drrubinatahir

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