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Your Business Starts Where Your Circle Ends

When I first started my blog I was greeted with tons of support from friends and family. The launch week day had the highest numbers of traffic to my site for a long time.

Those first few weeks when you announce your business, the support from friends and family is at its peak. You’re swimming in a pool of repost, shares, and congratulations. Then your new business will become less and less new. You’ll start to see less excitement and engagement from your circle.

This isn't something you should take personally. The first life lesson of being an entrepreneur is that your business starts where your circle ends.

When the traction to my blog and social media support started to decline, I spent a long time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I thought about altering my content to what people in my circle seemed to like and questioned if the content I actually wanted to do was good or not.

I’ve always felt different from people in my age group. From hobbies, music, entertainment, fashion, and more I knew my taste was a different category than the people I’m surrounded by and my blog definitely falls in that category too.

Just because what you like or what you do isn’t the same as your circle or the people you are surrounded by doesn’t mean that it's wrong. My blog doesn’t get the same support it received when I first launched it from people who used to be in my circle because they were not my target audience. Some of them don’t like reading and some of them don’t care for lifestyle content, and that's okay! Once you exhaust your circle of peers is not where your business peaks and dies. This is the point where you and your business breakthrough and reach out to the world to find your target audience.

Once I found my niche in blogging started aligning myself with people in my niche, my numbers started growing again. Every day I get closer to my target audience that likes my brand for what it is. So don't let a decrease in elegant make you feel like your content isn't working or your business is a flop. Keep doing the work and keep reaching out so your business can find the people it was made for.

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