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your guide to outdoor dining in NYC

Outdoor dining has been open in NYC for a month and I am absolutely loving it! Outdoor dining is something I never experienced before covid but, restaurants across the city are making it something you don't wanna miss out this summer. Here are some tips for getting the best out of your summer dining experience while still being safe.

Timing is everything

Outdoor dining is truly an Olympic sport in NYC. The juggle between walk-ins only, reservations only, and new hours can be intense. Not to mention the struggle of finding a restaurant that actually sits people 6 feet apart with limited space in our cramped city.

Do your research before dining. Check the restaurant's popularity on Instagram and its peak hours on google. Don't be afraid to call them and ask which times are best to come as well. Going to restaurants at off times will help you secure your reservations and increase the chances of there being fewer people dining with you as well.

Social media is your best friend

Between Instagram and TikTok, I've found some true hidden gems for outdoor dining in the city. You'll find the best food and drinks with the most creative and ascetically pleasing seating you've ever seen. The best part is that you'll find places in your own neighborhood you would've never known about!

Not every outdoor dining is a table

NYC has jumped on the drive-in movie theatre bandwagon and I’m here for it! This option is probably the safest with you being in the comfort of your own vehicle as well as cars being 6 feet apart from each other.

Looking for one in Queens? Try BelAire! Looking in Brooklyn? Try Skyline Drive-in NYC

Still not sold? Picnic!

Nothing will beat a 5-star dining experience but it’s normal to still not be entirely comfortable with the idea of dining out in NYC. If being around people is still not your cup of tea you can still make your own 5-star experience with a picnic.

No wait times, you can eat in any ambiance you want (rooftop, balcony, park, beach), and the food options are endless!

Get some picnic inspo here and check out how I make the most of my picnics here!

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