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Your NYC Summer 2021

Updated: May 21, 2021

Summer is almost here! This summer is my last summer break with next year being my senior year! I plan on making summer 2021 the most fun-filled and adventurous summer I've ever experienced. Here are my top 50 things to see and do around the city this summer!


  1. Central Park- As a New Yorker I tend to avoid Central Park like the plague but I never realized how many fun activities I was missing! The park itself offers great actives like $20 boat rentals and a beautiful waterfall. Many instructors are also bringing classes back to the park, like High Fitness' $5 HITT classes and Pilates by Lydia Pilates in the Park!

  2. Enjoy a day visiting The Edge at Hudson Yards and also check out their Sky High Yoga classes- Starting at $36

  3. Little Island-Pier 55

  4. Seaglass Carousel -$5

  5. Color Factory - $38

  6. The Greens at Pier 17- starting at $20 to reserve a spot

  7. Whale Watching Cruise- $55

  8. Rooftop Yoga with Pyogalab - $25

  9. Outdoor Spin classes -$35

  10. Chelsa Piers Mini golf

  11. Classic Harbor Line - starting at $68

  12. Pier 53

  13. Museum of the Dog - Starting at $10 for students

  14. Intrepid Space Museum

  15. Make your own perfume at Olfactory

  16. Break Bar- Starting at $140

  17. Spyscape



  1. Enjoy a mani-pedi outdoors in Lili and Cata's backyard nail salon! (prices start at $20)

  2. Brooklyn Grange- Enjoy tours around their rooftop garden and workout outs on the rooftop too! (classes start at $10)

  3. Choplet- one-day pottery class outdoors! ($80)

  4. Skyline drive-in movie theatre- $55 for cars and $22 for individual seating

  5. Pier 2 Roller Rink

  6. Citywell spa

  7. Botanical Garden- Free if you're vaccinated!

  8. Are 53

  9. Rage Cage- starts at $65

  10. Make your own lamp at Craftsman Cave

  11. Get a one-year semi-permanent tattoo at Ephemeral tattoo- Starting at $150

  12. Shipwrecked miniature golf $15


  1. Floral escape at Queens County Farm

  2. Wick and Pour- $50

  3. Enjoy bike and boat rentals at Corona Parks Wheel of Fun Rentals

Outside of NYC

  1. Lavender by the Bay- Long Island

  2. Railway Explorers

  3. Sojo Spa- New Jersey

  4. John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden- Long Island

  5. monster mini golf- Long Island

  6. Poured Candle Bar -Hudson NY

  7. Catskill Animal Sanctuary

  8. Bear Mountain State Park

  9. Fire Island- Long Island

  10. The Waterfront At South Mountain Recreation Complex

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