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Day of  Content Creator

Enhance your event with our Day of Content Creator service. You will receive all raw photos and videos just 12 hours after your event ends. You'll also receive a recap reel and specialty reel based on your specific requests, ensuring that every moment is documented to your satisfaction.

What's the difference between a day of content creator and my photographer and videographer?

Your photographer and videographer will be providing you with finalized versions of your event. With your photographer, this may include a set amount of photos, and with your videographer, this may include a set time for your video. 


With a day-of content creator, you will get all raw photos and videos from your event within 12 hours of your event ending in addition to a 30-60-second recap of your event and one specialized reel of your request. 


If you are choosing to forego a photographer and videographer for your event, a day-of content creator allows you to still have bespoke, high-quality photos and videos of your special day. 


Having a day-content creator in addition to your photography and videography team gives you the instant satisfaction of recounting your day to loved ones while also giving you endless content to share on your desired platforms. 

Can't I just have my best friend or family member do this for me? 

Yes you can. However, your loved one may also be tending to your other needs on this day (vendors, greeting guests, helping you get dressed, making sure you eat, etc) and also living in the moment too! It’s easy to ask a loved one to get behind the scenes footage of your special day, but without proper planning it’s easy to be greeted with videos and pictures that don't match your expectation and vision.


As a day-of content creator, my job and responsibility is to capture the moment for you and your loved ones to enjoy. We will discuss your creative vision prior to the event and I will ensure all photos and videos you want are taken with your creative vision in mind. 

What is included in my service?

Services include a 30 minute discovery call where we discuss your event, ideal timeline for the day, and your desired vision for all content captured by me. My day of service starts however early and ends however late you request. 12 hours after your event ends, you will receive all raw photos and videos taken, a 30-60 second recap video, and 1 specialized video/reel of your request. Any additional specialized videos are $20 per video and will be sent within 24 hours of your event ending. 

Does this service make sense for my event?

Yes! A day-of content creator is perfect for any event of any size. I believe moments are meant to be lived in and captured. Day of content creators let you have your cake and eat it too! Here’s a list of events and moments a day-of content creator can perfectly capture: 

  • Wedding 

  • Bridal shower 

  • Engagement party 

  • Engagement photo behind the scenes

  • Elopement  

  • Proposal 

  • Baby shower 

  • Gender reveal

  • Pregnancy announcement/behind-the-scenes 

  • Birthday party 

  • Birthday dinner 

  • Christening/Baptism 

  • Graduation party 

  • Corporate party 

  • Corporate event 

  • Housewarming 

  • Holiday party 

  • Galentines 

  • Baby shower brunch 

  • Bridesmaid proposal 

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