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Taylor Co

Social media marketing and freelance.


Hey, I'm Taylor. 

A content creator with over 4 years of experience and education with a degree in communications and a concentration in advertising. I discovered my love for content creation through my love for writing. My lifestyle blog,, and my desire to create a positive impact on my generation and those around me were the catalyst for me to create video-based content. As I've continued my craft over the past 4 years, video-based content has become the largest consumed content across various platforms across the world. From moments in our daily lives that we cherish to marketing and influencing tactics in a business, social media is a major part of our lives and I want to help you achieve the high-level results you want.  




Day of Content Creator

How does one live in the moment while ensuring they’ll get to cherish the memories they want after? They hire a photographer and videographer to capture the moment for them. How does one feel the joy of cherishing the moment instantly? They hire a day of content creator. 


marketing strategy call

Ideal for clients who are still not ready to commit to a social media manager but need redirection within their marketing plan. We will discuss the current state of your business, and areas you would like for your business to grow, and outline the steps required to make it happen.


reel & short form video editing

Ideal for clients who have countless content already recorded but don't have the time to piece it together or don't know how! 


social media manager

Taylor Co. is here to help your business thrive on social media! With our comprehensive management services and custom-tailored marketing strategies, we’ll help you build brand awareness, grow your audience, and drive revenue.

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