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Hey everyone! A week before this post, New York was considered the new epicenter of the coronavirus. Living in through a pandemic is an unsettling time let alone the epicenter of it. Self-isolation in our homes is something we all saw coming but still shocking no matter how much time you are given to prepare. Now, before you rush to Target and grab as much toilet paper your car can carry. Consider adding these five items into your shopping cart as well.


Our homes are now everything. Every day we now have to transform our spaces into our office, our gym, a classroom then somehow still look at that same space as a place for relaxation. It’s challenging to make those distinctions and not feel tired of a space. It’s very easy to get bored with staying in the same places all day every day so pick up a candle to make your space feel and smell new to you again.

By adding candles into rooms in your home you allow yourself to make distinctions of task by smell. When I’m ready to do my work I like to light floral or citrus candles. After a workout, I like to light candles that equalize the space again so it doesn’t smell like a gym and then when I’m ready to relax I’ll light a calmer scent like lavender.


Right now we are going through a lot emotionally which makes it very easy to get consumed and overwhelmed in your emotions. Sometimes the best person to talk to is yourself. Write down how you’re taking in your emotions. What you did today, what happened today and how you felt about it.

Even writing things to take your mind off of your current situation is healthy. Write down things you’re looking forward to when this is over, your business plan, things you’re grateful for, your dream vacation.

And if writing isn’t for you, take pictures or videos documenting your experience.

We are currently living through history; now is time time to write down what you’re going through to look back on and say “wow I really went through that”.


When is the last time you actually had time to play games? For most of us, it’s been a while since we’ve sat down and played a game with friends or family because we all live busy and different lives. Take this time to connect with your family and play a board game. Or find fun games to play with yourself like this unsolved case files game.

Resistance bands

Exercise is always crucial for your health, especially during this time. The average New Yorker walks 4 miles a day. Going from that much movement to almost none is a shock to our bodies. Incorporating a 30-minute workout to your day is a great way to keep yourself in shape and a resistant band is a great accessory because you can use it for almost your entire body.

Something Living

All sense of time and routine has been thrown out the window within the past few weeks. Having something to tend to every day can help bring back a sense of routine and give you something to look forward to doing. If it’s your first time taking care of something, consider something minimal and inexpensive like a betta fish or a low maintenance plant.

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