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A dollar stays in the black community for only SIX HOURS! Our community is filled with such talented and successful businesses that we need to support. this year I've made a stronger effort to support black-owned businesses. Back in February, I shared a few of my favorite black-owned businesses, and here are some more I've started loving this year!

Myla's Munchies

I had the pleasure of ordering Myla's Munchies for my father's birthday in early June. I purchased two mocha chocolate cakes as well as a vanilla pecan cake. The taste is incredible the service from Myla will exceed your expectations. Her culinary skills are limitless and she will go to no end to make your goods as personal and perfect as possible.

check out Myla's Munchies here

The Lit Bar

This black-owned library is a book lover's dream. The walls are covered top to bottom with black literature in all genres with comfortable seating and a bar in the back! My summer definitely will be spent with a book in one hand and a drink in the other at the Lit Bar!

check out The Lit Bar here


This NYC based clothing brand gives you high-end quality and is still affordable. Their clothes are slim fit with breathable material that is durable enough to live with you season after season.

check out Colorway here


You guys know I love my body butters! Soleil is my go-to body butter for the summer. The light formula is perfect for hot days to keep your skin moisturized and not feel greasy. The scent is light enough to not feel overbearing and the added oils to the body butter help keep my skin super smooth all day long.

check out Soleil here


Glamorous Chicks Headwraps have by far the best quality in headwraps I've ever used. The patters are beautifully detailed and the wrap is made with enough fabric to make into fun styles or even wear as a top!

check out Glamorous Chicks Headwraps here

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