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Staying at CitizenM Bowery

Last weekend I decided it was time for another staycation to rest and recharge. With tourism slowly starting to make a comeback to New York, $99 dollar stays in the city are a memory of the past but reasonably priced hotels are still here for us to enjoy. This weekend trip was very last minute leaving my options limited. I ultimately ended up booking a stay with CitizenM Bowery and was completely blown away.

Booking was extremely easy because there’s only one room to pick from. Yup, every single room is exactly the same: XL King size bed, one window, same shower, and same amenities. The only add ons are staying on a high floor (which I paid for), breakfast, and a 6 pm late checkout. My stay came to $250 including the extra charge for a sky view.

I had seen a few reviews on the hotel from Tiktok but a 15-second video doesn’t give this hotel the justice it deserves. CitiizenM is a boutique hotel which is basically a smaller hotel room with maximized space and modern aesthetic, like the Arlo, MADE, and Moxy hotels. These hotels are perfect for a 2-night stay and definitely a place you want to pack light to prevent the room from feeling overwhelmed. I’ve stayed at a few boutique hotels in the city but this was by far the most spacious. Two people can comfortably walk around the room at the same time and not be in each other’s way. They also had the most functional luggage space with a doorless closet for any clothes you want out and a really big drawer at the bottom of the bed that can easily fit 3 carry-on luggage as well as another drawer for the safe.

Like most boutique hotels, the sink is outside of the bathroom with additional storage under it including the sink. There was one long nightstand along with a bench as well. The bathroom is where the colored lights are which makes the space fun and also had double shower heads with adjustable water pressure. The extra-large king-size bed was extremely comfortable and the view from the bed speaks for itself.

The amenities of the room are mind-blowing. You can control the entire room from an iPad. These controls range from temperature control, changing the colored lights, controlling and dimming the regular lights, and controlling the television. Amenities outside of the room are just as modern and fun. The hotel has two lounge areas for guests to enjoy socially distance.

The only regret I have with CitizenM is not staying longer! The aesthetic of the room and hotel as a whole will truly make you forget that you’re in your home city. Waking up to the perfect view of manhattan just once is not enough. I went there with the intention to relax and rest which was definitely succeeded but I left wishing I had more time to take in everything CitizenM has to offer as well as Delecancy Steet. I will definitely be going back for an extended staycation soon and hope to see you there too.

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